Is This Missing from Your Sales Approach?

When I first started my sales career, I used the same model for every sale: features and benefits. Makes sense, right? I knew what my product has to offer, and I knew how it benefited the consumer. If a prospect had a problem, I simply matched it to the product benefit that would solve it. That was 15 years ago. A lot changed. As a…

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These Three Little Words Lead to Higher Productivity

What if there were just three words you could focus on to jump-start your personal and professional life— and boost your productivity in the process? You’re in luck. The Start-Stop-Continue method has been helping business leaders, consultants, and executives achieve higher productivity for years. If you’re spinning your wheels, it’s a great way to get “unstuck” and move forward— and it can be applied in…

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Persistence, Passion, Patience: The 3 P’s of Selling

In January, I was in West Palm Beach heading back to the airport from a training. I had a great conversation with my Uber driver on the way there. He had retired from sales many years ago— and I told him about my work. He asked me a great question: what qualities makes a great salesperson? We bounced some ideas around and together, we came…

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8 Business Lessons I Learned from Whole30

When I started Whole30, I never expected to learn so many lessons that would help me in my life and business. One of the things I focus on when training clients is recognizing old, inhibiting habits and incorporating new practices that help them meet their goals and enhance their quality of life. Correcting habits is something everyone needs help with— and I’m no exception. I…

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Are Your Resolutions Failing You?

It’s a few weeks into the new year, but you may already be regretting making those new year’s resolutions. And you’re not the only one. Turns out, most studies show that the vast majority of people—in some cases over 90% of them—not only fail at their resolutions, but only make it a short while before doing so. On the surface, we have any number of…

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6 Steps to a Win-Win Resolution

As a consultant who specializes in Conflict Resolution, I want every client to have what they need for a Win-Win outcome. The thought of working through a conflict face to face is terrifying for most [I get it!]. But having strategies up your sleeve to defuse and resolve conflict can be a true asset for the growth and success of your business— not to mention…

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