HIRE Strategies

Hire Strategies


Situation Overview: HIRE Strategies had been in business for several years but did not have a consistent onboarding program for their employees and nothing specific to the onboarding of their salespeople. Because they were in growth mode, they needed some specific processes that they could use long-term, would resonate with their team members, and would also be easy and simple to implement. They needed a process so when new members joined the team, they would have collateral and management materials to assist with the new hire’s transition. 

Objectives & First Steps: Our plan was to develop a development program that was designed to provide all employees (at different levels) with a sustainable learning curriculum for training, supported by management-specific tools and external resources. The program offered a process of applications that would positively impact their employee’s personal effectiveness, business performance, and career development. 

HIRE Strategies had a need for a comprehensive professional development plan to help employees as they maneuvered through the daily changes of the business. 

Solution: Willow North collaborated with HIRE Strategies to design a comprehensive onboarding program and process that could be used for years to come as they continue to focus on their growth. Willow North developed an employee engagement survey, 1:1 documents, manager meeting documents, a quarterly planning tool, a performance review, benchmark reviews, and onboarding workbooks for sales development and company overviews. 

Result: HIRE Strategies was able to have a consistent process that helped with their onboarding so their employees could all have a process that was similar. Employees were able to get ramped up a lot faster because of the new materials and processes and both new and existing employees were all able to know exactly what their expectations and roles were because of the new performance review processes. HIRE Strategies’ managers were able to begin holding consistent 1:1’s on a monthly basis to assist in accountability and employees were able to have a better collaborative experience with their peers based on the clear expectations of their roles.