LaForce, Inc.

Situation Overview:

LaForce, Inc. had leaders with a long-standing track record with their company; however there was a gap in the area of leading teams, managing conflict, holding direct reports accountable, and collaborating with peers and direct reports.

LaForce had a need for a comprehensive leadership development plan to help leaders as they maneuver through the daily changes of the business. Top priorities for leadership development included: Managers gaining a better understanding of the needs of their direct reports, gaining an insight on how to effectively communicate with direct reports, and appropriately manage performance through an understanding of metrics and how to set, measure, and monitor SMART goals, an opportunity for managers to learn how to best resolve conflict and create an environment of open communication, clear understanding, and accountability and learn how to appropriately delegate to the right people at the right time, by gaining an understanding that to delegate is to develop.

We also wanted to ensure participants were engaged in between sessions as well as after the sessions were completed; therefore, we created a library of resources that included videos, articles, books, etc, to share with the group on an ongoing basis through a platform where the participants could also share challenges and ask questions. They also received reinforcement guides after each session. 


Willow North collaborated with LaForce, Inc. to design multiple workshops that would provide all leaders with a sustainable learning curriculum for coaching, supported by management-specific tools. The program offered a process of applications that would positively impact a leader’s personal effectiveness, business performance, and career development, and overall personal growth. The curriculum included elements from CliftonStrengths, Leadership Communication Skills, Optimal Decision Making, Influencing Collaboration, and SLII – Ken Blanchard’s Leadership Experience. 


Willow North helped the participants to better understand their team members’ needs so they could give the right amount of attention and guidance, help drive sales and performance, communicate fearlessly, and mentally and physically prepare for meetings plus so much more.  The HR Director at LaForce had this to say about their results, “The programs and content Willow North created were spot on to our needs. The response to the program has been incredible. Participants appreciate the interactive and engaging training sessions along with Andora’s welcoming approach.”

“Enjoying the sessions is one thing, but I am seeing the application of the learning in our daily work. Managers are incorporating the tools into their coaching and communications with employees. We are seeing positive growth in our managers. Willow North made the process simple.” 

Amy Charais, HR Director