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Embracing Errors and Using them for Success

We all know the feeling: a word slips out, an email gets sent, and we know we’ve made a mistake. Whether it’s a clerical error that costs time and resources, or an interpersonal mistake that disrupts a relationship, missteps happen. We can’t avoid them altogether, but how we respond to them can set us apart as leaders and keep us on a path toward growth....

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5 Workplace Culture Killers and What to Do About Them

Workplace culture is always a hot topic in leadership and professional development because it’s always relevant. Do it right, and you have better retention, stronger performance, and higher morale across the board. Let problems fester, and you run the risk of losing your top talent and damaging your brand reputation.  Here are 5 workplace culture killers we’ve noticed, and steps leaders can take to cultivate...

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4 Steps Leaders Can Take to Reach Their Goals in 2024

According to writer Brian Tracy, “If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals.” Setting goals is critical to setting leaders up for success, and failure to do so effectively has serious ramifications for your business.    One study found that moving beyond “do your best” goals across a range of tasks increased the...

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4 Things High-Retention Workplaces Have in Common

Leaders want happy employees who are committed to the work they do. Retention is good for morale and preventing turnover lowers costs. If you’ve noticed dropping or flagging staff retention rates, there are solutions you can implement. Need ideas? Here’s what companies with the highest retention rates have in common.            1. Intentional Recruitment No matter the industry, companies with a...

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4 Solutions for Productivity Paranoia

As more and more workforces go hybrid or remote, we’ve noticed a troubling phenomena among leaders and executive teams. Productivity paranoia is rampant across those industries, even when employees and teams have successfully adapted and are effectively reaching their goals.   Productivity paranoia happens when managers and leaders who can’t see what their teams are doing become overly fearful that work isn’t getting done. In...

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Confidence in the Workplace: What No One Is Talking About

  Unlock the potential of our tailored development programs and empower both your leaders and teams!   Instilling confidence goes beyond a great feeling – it’s the trust in ourselves that fuels success. Elevate your people’s growth efforts with our range of customized leadership and team development programs and training, meticulously crafted to align with your organization’s distinct strategy, culture, people, and business hurdles. Don’t…

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How Leaders Can Build Connection Across Hybrid and Remote Teams

Some striking trends are uncovered when you look into hybrid and remote work. Namely, more and more industry leaders are using it, and more and more employees prefer having at least a hybrid (if not fully remote) work option. In fact, one report found:   Hybrid workforce models are embraced by 63% of high-revenue growth companies. 69% of companies with negative or no growth reject...

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Managing Tough Days: 7 Tips for HR Professionals

In late 2022, HR Executive published an article about “The Great Burnout” among HR professionals and the impact it's having across the industry. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation of dissatisfied, underpaid workers have brought responsibilities and worries to HR professionals that they were never trained for, and that definitely weren’t in their job description!    With that in mind, the facts are...

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3 Ways To Connect To Your Team Members – Even When It’s Difficult

Since the beginning of time, individuals working together toward a common goal have had to identify how to collaborate, even in the midst of significant differences in personality types and approaches to work. The most effective teams have developed ways to build trust, connection, and collaboration even in spite of those challenges. Having worked with hundreds of individuals and teams as an Executive Coach and...

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The Inclusion Litmus Test: 5 Steps to Take in Your Workplace

The Inclusion Litmus Test: 5 Steps to Take in Your Workplace Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI): it’s one of the most popular buzzwords floating around professional development and executive coaching circles today. Companies who invest in DEI are watching it boost their bottom line, and their competitors are taking note and following suit. And yet:   Clear Company reports that over half of employees surveyed…

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