Trane Technologies

Trane Technologies


Situation Overview: Trane Technologies – South Region had a goal of changing their entire culture based on their current customer experience challenges, their employee engagement survey, and challenges pertaining to the pandemic. It was necessary to focus on changing individual team member’s behaviors so they could think and behave in a way that would enhance the customer’s experience – both internal and external customers, create stronger relationships internally, and encourage people to better understand themselves so they could better understand how to interact with each other. 

We also wanted to ensure participants were engaged in between sessions as well as after the sessions were completed; therefore, we created a library of resources that included videos, articles, books, etc, to share with the group on an ongoing basis. Participants also received reinforcement guides after each session. 

Solution: Willow North collaborated with Trane Technologies – South Region to design and execute multiple learning opportunities, for the entire organization, that would incorporate a collaboration process to integrate the needs and interests of both internal and external customers.  The expected outcome would be to strengthen overall working relationships within their organization. The modules that were created included elements from Emotional Intelligence, Leading with Service, and Conflict Reimagined. Willow North partnered with Trane Technologies to enhance the customer’s experience for consistency, reinforcement, and learning retention. In addition to the workshops, Willow North created five months of coaching sessions for the managers so they could continue to learn and also reinforce concepts with their teams. 

Result & Outcomes: Trane Technologies’ employees increased their emotional intelligence and conflict skills by two points on a scale of 1-10. The General Manager had this to say… “the team continues to go above and beyond for our customers and we are seeing the result on the P&L. Whether they are working in the warehouse, or on the counter, over the phone, or helping to manage inventory issues, the team is locked in providing great support despite some very difficult challenges we are facing this year.” They have seen results in the areas of revenue growth, business retention, culture change, and improvement in communication patterns and relationships. They were also able to begin the process of thinking and behaving in a way that would enhance the customer’s experience. It started to become a natural process for them.